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Whether you’re starting from scratch or re-designing existing commercial dining space furniture will be a key component of your decor. Restaurants, bars, pubs, lounges and hotel lobbies all need commercial furniture to give patrons and guest a comfortable place to sit and relax for meals, drinks or conversation. Having the right commercial furniture can make your establishment a popular destination spot.

Commercial furniture is available in a wide variety of sturdy materials including solid beech wood, polished chrome and durable metals. Depending on the theme or ambience you are trying to capture you will want to decide on either wood or metal commercial furniture to outfit your dining room, lounge or lobby. Wood has a more natural and warm feel than metal and usually works better in traditional restaurants and classic bar settings. Natural wood in rich finishes make for great Restaurant Chairs, bar stools and tables in cafes, bistros and pubs.

For more modern and contemporary styles a polished chrome or metal frame theme can work very well in cocktail lounges and fusion restaurants. Metal and chrome have a natural reflective shine that provides a clean, modern look. In addition to being strong and durable metal is less likely to chip than wood and needs less maintenance. You can also mix and match metal and wood furniture to achieve a truly unique atmosphere.

Commercial furniture can be designed for general, all-purpose use or crafted for a specific type of commercial space. You will find commercial furniture designed exclusively for restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, bars, banquet rooms, hotel lobbies, lounges and many other entertainment settings. Great commercial furniture is available for both indoor and outdoor uses, high end and casual clientele and traditional or contemporary decor themes. Stock up today on everything from wood side chairs to laminated table tops for excellent all purpose commercial furniture.


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