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Designing A New Restaurant


Congratulations. You’ve got the location and the permit to open your very own restaurant. A lifelong dream has just been realized and now comes the task of making your dream a reality by carefully designing a commercial dining space that will be fresh, unique and welcoming to patrons on the look out for something new. Whether you’re cuisine is traditional or contemporary a matching commercial decor will help to accent the taste and mood of your establishment.

Depending on your location there may not be a lot you can do to the outside of your building but inside you have the freedom to design a commercial space to your exact liking. Interior restaurant design is a key aspect to the success of your dining establishment and the mood that is created from the furniture you select will enhance the overall experience.

Commercial furniture can go a long way in defining the mood and ambience of your dining establishment. When you are designing your space keep in mind the cuisine you are providing, the clientele you expect and how the right furniture including chairs, Bar Stools and tables can help achieve the right atmosphere. Whether you have a large spacious dining room or a small intimate space there is an unlimited selection of classic and contemporary commercial furniture to provide the perfect accents.

When planning the design of your commercial dining space make sure to note if you will have seasonal outdoor seating in addition to the main indoor dining room. An entire line of commercial furniture is manufactured specifically for outdoor use and is made to withstand rain, wind and other elements that can damage finer furniture. You may also have a specific area you want to set aside for special occasions such as wedding and banquet receptions or private parties and corporate events. If so you’ll need to plan on having a complete set of stackable chairs that can be set up quick for catered events and stored easily when not in use.

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