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Since our establishment in 1981, the family based company Fashion Seating Ltd. has been a pioneer in the commercial seating industry for low prices on custom grade luxury seating. Through manufacturing on premises, we have become the source for designers and restaurant owners who were looking for custom options on a standard budget. Our popularity grew as clients realized the convenience of dealing directly with the manufacturer, who was able to tailor every order to their specifics. The loyalty of our customers who stayed with us for the past 25 years, prove that while we do offer the same quality of giant companies, we still maintain our flexible attitude towards customers needs which is nonexistent in today’s unapproachable mass-producing-companies.

With the recent launch of our website, we are looking forward to serve our extensive customer base with even more convenience and better technology.

Fashion Seating has steadily grown in accordance with the latest trends in design and fashion, hence our name; Fashion Seating. Our chairs, lounges, booths and bar stools have decorated many famous stylish nightclubs and hallmark restaurants and café’s of the moment. We are constantly on the watch for new styles in the market to maintain our wealth of up-to-the-minute options that our designer clients thrive on. Fashion Seating. Where your eatery is our fashion plate

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