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Banquets are a year round occurrence. From corporate parties, award ceremonies, special events and weddings people are always inquiring about a restaurant’s ability to host a banquet. Be sure your establishment is up to the task of raking in some serious money by having a wide variety of comfortable and durable banquet chairs to accommodate small private parties and large corporate events.

When looking for commercial seating to outfit a banquet hall or room consider both comfort and versatility. Banquets often involve speeches, buffets and award ceremonies that mean people will be moving about, sitting in different places and moving chairs around. You don’t want heavy, bulky chairs that are hard to move.

Your best bet for banquet seating is to stock up on either bamboo or metal stacking chairs that can be found with smooth metal and wood seats and with upholstered seating. These chairs are sturdy but lightweight so you can stack a few, move to a different location and set up in minutes. These chairs are also easy to move around by hand in case guests want to form a small circle of friends or to clear room for dancing and gift giving.

In addition to stacking chairs you will also need tables to use for food, drinks, awards and other miscellaneous materials provided by the company hosting the banquet. Even if the clientele is high class many accidents can still occur including spilled drinks and plates, chipping from silverware and other minor scraping that can damage a table top surface. If you are using a room for banquets consider durable and scratch-resistant laminate, granite or aluminum that looks great and can withstand the hazards of an evening banquet.

If your banquet area involves an outdoor patio or deck then consider using granite or aluminum for outdoor table tops. Granite and aluminum are both very durable table top materials and can withstand light rain and wind. Unlike wood table tops granite and aluminum do not need special finishes to protect it from the weather. These tables work just as well inside so you can easily move specific tables indoors while leaving others outside.
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