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If you plan on opening a café, bistro or coffee shop you’ll want comfortable and versatile furniture to make your place relaxing and able to handle a number of crowd types. Cafes are known for being leisurely places where people can meet friends, do work and read in a quiet atmosphere. However, many cafes often take on dual roles to increase their hours of operation by hosting folk music concerts, poetry readings and art gallery showings. To cater to a wide and diverse clientele it’s best to have multi-purpose commercial seating that can be moved depending on the event and still be comfortable for patrons.

Stacking chairs are always a good choice for cafes. Lightweight, durable and available with either round or square backs these versatile chairs provide solid comfort and can be used in many different ways. Metal stacking chairs are specially designed commercial seating that is made to withstand high traffic and still offer a comfortable seat for patrons in a café, bistro or coffee shop. Metal is a very sturdy material and can easily handle being stacked, transported and set up over and again. Being able to stack chairs allows you the freedom to design on the go so your establishment can go from quiet coffee shop to hip art gallery in just a few minutes.

For a more permanent seating option consider mahogany school house chairs that combine traditional style with contemporary construction to provide a classic yet sturdy commercial chair that fits in with many café themes. Heavier than metal stacking chairs mahogany school house chairs are best left for permanent fixture at specific tables or for bar and counter seating at table-heights.

Whether you choose a metal stacking chair or mahogany wood school house chair both fit well with a variety of café table tops including wood, aluminum, granite and laminate finishes. Café tables need to be sturdy and versatile, just like café seating, since a lot is asked of them. With high quality wood, aluminum and granite you won’t have to worry about spilled drinks, silverware scrapes and the common dings and dents that occur everyday in a busy café.

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