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Whether you work in a contemporary architecture firm or a traditional law office comfortable seating is essential for both employees and guests. There are a great many options for outfitting offices with high quality commercial seating including wood, bamboo and aluminum as well as aluminum bar stools that add a contemporary and stylish accent to your workplace.

When designing the layout for an office you have to keep in mind comfortable seating for employees, reception areas, guests and conference rooms. You will want a seamless flow from one room to another so try not to mix up styles and metals and woods that can make the office appear thrown together at the last minute. When you do decide on the style and materials you want for your office then move on to the particular models and frames that will work best for the type of office you have.

Traditional offices such as law firms, accounting firms and banks tend to stick with hardwood. Hardwood chairs have a classic, no-nonsense appearance and are still very comfortable. This type of commercial seating style works well in office environments known for their button-down attitude and serious business. Fan back side chair, window lattice side chairs and colonial side chairs are often made of solid beech wood and come with original veneer seats or your choice of custom upholstering. You can also custom order hardwood side chairs with several classic finishes to accent the wood including walnut, dark mahogany and cherry.

If your office is more contemporary in its look and feel, like architecture firms and creative graphic design studios, you will want commercial chairs and seating that reflect the forward thinking atmosphere. A good choice for contemporary office furniture is aluminum frame chairs and bar stools. Aluminum has a shiny, polished look that is at once stylish and contemporary while also being durable and strong. Double ring diner and open back bar stools are excellent seating options for modern offices and replace old fashioned hardwood with a more new age style and frame. Bar stools are also more comfortable seating options for architects and designers since their work is usually done on drafting boards and larger surface tables.
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