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School Library Furniture

Finding high quality commercial seating for schools and colleges shouldn’t be hard but getting the right chairs to match your school’s existing décor may take a little more time. In general schools and college libraries are traditional in décor. Though computers and cell phones are a fact of modern life many libraries continue to remain classic in design and feature hardwood tables and chairs. Whether you’re selecting commercial seating for a high school or college library there are a number of fantastic seating options to choose from.

Today a school or college library is as likely to have laptop computers as they are rows of bookshelves. However, the purpose of a library hasn’t changed, it’s still a quiet place for students to read, study and research. Hardwood chairs are conducive to studying since they are comfortable chairs without being so plush you fall asleep. Side chairs are very popular with schools and colleges and come in a wide variety of styles including fan back, vertical and colonial models.

Another style that works well in libraries is arm chairs. Again, the styles will vary but some of the more popular models of arm chairs include school house arm chairs, ladder back arm chairs and Biedermeier arm chairs. Made from durable beech wood and available with either veneer seating or custom upholstering these arm chairs are perfect for study lounges and quiet library settings.

If your school or college library features counters then you may want to consider hardwood bar stools that are durable and stylish and offer comfortable commercial seating. There are many distinct styles of hardwood bar stools including hybrid bar stools, swivel school house stools, fan back and library bar stools. Each is made from durable beech wood and can be finished in a number of high quality wood stains including walnut, cherry, dark mahogany and light mahogany.

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