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Cafe Bar Stools

Cafés have become a central part of social life. From meeting friends for coffee to gathering co-workers for impromptu meetings and relaxing in a welcome and casual environment the café is much more than just a place to grab a hot cup of joe. Because of the newfound versatility and function of the modern café many are outfitted with counters and bars to provide an alternative to traditional table seating.

If your café features coffee bars and counters for light cuisine and outlets for plugging in cell phones and laptops then you’ll want to provide a variety of bar stools to match the décor and give patrons a high quality commercial seat to relax in.

The bar stool market is full of traditional and contemporary style bar stools that can fit almost any café décor. Cafes in general are casual settings that invite one to relax and with the right matching bar stool you can achieve a welcoming and calming atmosphere for a diverse clientele. If traditional is the look you are going for there are a tremendous amount of high quality mahogany, oak and beech wood frame bar stools in multiple styles including ladder back, backless and swivel models that will compliment classic café décor.

Wood bar stools are a great choice since most models can be stained in your choice of custom finish including cherry, dark mahogany and walnut to match existing décor. Also, wood bar stools include the option of custom fabric upholstery on the seat and stool backs for a more comfortable seating option. Wood also creates a rustic yet sophisticated charm that invites patrons to relax and stay awhile.

For contemporary cafes and coffee shops that plan on catering to a more diverse crowd, or an establishment that will have dual functions such as poetry readings and art gallery showings metal and aluminum bar stools are an excellent seating choice. You can find a terrific selection of polished chrome and aluminum frame bar stools that add a cutting edge look that fits in perfect with Internet cafes and more contemporary urban café settings. Even better are stackable metal bar stools that can be easily moved so your café can open up after hours and cater to social gatherings and live music.
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