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Outdoor Patio Furniture

If your bar or restaurant is located in a warm region or if you plan on taking advantage of the spring and summer months by utilizing an outdoor patio be sure to stock up on plenty of high quality, durable and stylish outdoor patio furniture including chairs, bar stools and tables.

Many commercial dining establishments will include a roof top deck or outdoor patio area that opens up a whole new section for dining and entertainment. Many places will rent out patios and decks for private parties, receptions and even extended after hour events so it pays to have a full set of outdoor commercial furniture on hand to keep your clientele comfortable.

Your outdoor dining area may have a roof or protective screen but not everyone can afford such a luxury and if there is a chance your furniture may be subject to rain and wind it makes sense to purchase aluminum furniture. Unlike wood and certain types of metal aluminum is a sturdy, commercial grade material that can withstand light rain and wind and can be ready for use with a simple wipe down using a dry cloth.

Aluminum is used for a complete set of outdoor commercial furniture including chairs, bar stools, tables and table tops. From brushed aluminum bar stools to folding aluminum chairs there is a terrific variety of styles and shapes to choose from to match existing décor or plan an entirely new theme for your outdoor setting. Another benefit to using aluminum chairs and bar stools is that many models are stackable so you can easily rearrange an outdoor setting for dining, receptions, live concerts and corporate parties. It also helps to be able to quickly move aluminum commercial furniture in the event a powerful storm is approaching.

Aluminum is also used for a wide variety of outdoor patio tables and table tops. Round, square and rectangular tables can all be found using high quality, commercial grade aluminum that will stand the test of time and look great even years after purchase. Another solid option for an outdoor patio table top is granite that features a more traditional and rustic feel than aluminum and compliments a more causal atmosphere.

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