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Swivel Bar Stools

When you own or operate a bar you want your patrons to be as comfortable as possible. There are plenty of bar stool styles available that serve a multitude of functions but for comfort and convenience not many beat the swivel bar stool. At Fashion Seating we carry a great selection of casual, comfortable and stylish swivel bar stools to custom fit your bar or pub’s theme. From solid aluminum and chrome to bucket seat style and classic 1950’s diner style we give you an amazing selection of durable and affordable swivel bar stools that will keep people coming back to your bar.

If your place gets crowded and people are often milling about the bar it’s good to have swivel bar stools so patrons sitting at the bar can maneuver when customers are trying to order drinks. The swivel feature is also convenient when people want to take in the scene and make eye contact with the people they are having conversations with. Bars get crazy when people start flooding in and with swivel bar stools you can move with the flow so you are always part of the action.

We offer many classic and contemporary styles of swivel bar stools including retro diner style with polished chrome and double leg rings, metal ladder back, bucket seat and backless square frame bar stools. Whether you operate a casual after work pub or a more swank martini lounge, swivel bar stools will always be welcome seating additions and with our affordable collection of swivel stools you can be sure to find the right stools for your bar or pub.

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