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Furnishing Commercial Cafeterias

Food courts in malls and cafeterias in corporate buildings and hospitals are high traffic areas that require durable commercial furniture to accommodate the number of people who eat in these places on a daily basis. In addition you can also find commercial cafeterias at universities, highway rest stops and amusement parks and to ensure all the customers have a pleasant dining experience make sure these areas are furnished with high quality and durable commercial furniture. Fashion Seating carries a wide selection of chairs, bar stools and tables that make great additions to commercial cafeterias.

Because food courts and cafeterias are used frequently it is important to furnish these casual dining environments with commercial furniture that is durable and easy to clean and maintain. A busy cafeteria at a school or hospital can be used by hundreds of people a day and this type of heavy traffic means spills, knocked over chairs and rough handling. If you're in charge of the upkeep of a commercial cafeteria check out the wide selection of commercial chairs, bar stools and tables available at Fashion Seating to get the quality and durability you need to keep your cafeteria in great shape.

Our round and square back stacking metal chairs are perfect seating options for busy food courts and cafeterias. These durable metal chairs are available with black frames and black or red vinyl upholstered seats for a classic look that can blend in with most room décor. Designed especially for commercial use the round back and square back stacking chairs will hold up under heavy use and the stacking function makes it easy to store the chairs while cleaning the floors.

If your cafeteria will have counter dining consider adding any of our high quality commercial bar stools that provide stylish and comfortable seating. Our vertical metal bar stool features a matte black frame and several options for seats including saddle wood, veneer wood and vinyl upholstering to match your specific needs. Our vinyl upholstery options include a wide variety of traditional and modern colors including black, ivory, aqua green, indigo and yellow gold.

For commercial cafeteria tables consider any of our high quality laminate table tops that come in a great selection of classic wood colors including black, golden oak, mahogany and walnut. The durable table tops feature 1-1/8" density particleboard with high pressure decorative laminate and vinyl t-mold that prevents unsightly chipping. Easy to clean and maintain our commercial laminate table tops are perfect for high traffic food courts and school cafeterias.

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